The Arthurian Saga by Simon Lister

The Arthurian Saga by Simon Lister

Shadow Lands



The catastrophe plunged the world back into a new Dark Age, where six months of summer light followed six months of winter darkness. It brought Mankind to the brink of extinction.

The cataclysm unleashed chaos but it also released Merdynn from his long spellbound imprisonment and for millennia he struggled to help keep the flame of Man alive while he searched for the ancient bloodline of legend.

As the increasing threat to Britain grew he despaired of ever finding the link to the past until the day he came across the remains of a raided village. 

There were only two survivors, a boy and girl.

Forty years later Britain stands against the darkness and that boy leads the strongest war band in Britain.

His name is Arthur.




One by one the Kingdoms of the West have fallen to the armies from the Shadow Lands and now those armies are massed across the Causeway, readying to invade the last Kingdom that stands against them.

Arthur has done everything possible to unite the tribes of Britain and their hopes of survival now rest upon holding off the invading army long enough for Merdynn to succeed in his quest to strike at the enemy city thousands of miles to the East, deep in the heart of the Shadow Lands.

But the enemy is already among them.




The Shadow Land army is loose in Britain. Arthur and his warriors are forced to retreat before the invading enemy and regroup to defend the Veiled City from the Adren hordes, still hoping Merdynn will succeed in the East. But no word of Merdynn or his warriors has come from the Shadow Lands.

The warriors of Britain fight battle after battle against the greater forces of the enemy - but no army has yet stopped the Adren on their westward conquest and the warriors’ rearguard becomes more desperate as the darkness threatens to overwhelm Britain.

Their only hope now is that Arthur can somehow turn the tide of war. 

A war they are losing.

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